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The River Song (also called “The Nectarean Glories of Vraja-dhäma”)

Words by Krsnadasa Kaviraja Goswami (c. 1590) Melody and Musical Arrangement by Jaya Lakshmi

We set off from Vrindavan, the abode of Radha and Krishna, where we observe a mood of sweetness that is absolutely sublime. We are enchanted and satiated by their pure love. The birds sing love songs that fill the fresh morning air. The sound of Krishna’s flute beckons us to follow them into the lush forests of Vrindavan and revel in their divine pastimes.


jaya rādhe, jaya kṛṣṇa, jaya vṛndāvan śrī govinda, gopīnātha, madana-mohan

śyama- kunḍa, rādhā-kuṇḍa, giri-govardhan kālindi jamunā jaya, jaya mahāvan
śrī-rasa-maṇḍala jaya, jaya rādhā-śyām jaya jaya rasa-līlā sarva-manoram

All glories to Radha and Krsna and the divine forest of Vrndavana. All glories to the three presiding Deities of Vrndavana—Sri Govinda, Gopinatha, and Madana-mohana.

All glories to Syama-kunda, Radha-kunda (ponds sacred to Radha and Krsna in Arita, India), Govardhana Hill, and the Yamuna River (Kalindi). All glories to the great forest known as Mahavana, where Krsna and Balarama displayed all of Their childhood pastimes.

All glories to the place where the Rasa Dance of Sri Sri RadhaKrsna was performed. All glories to Radha and Syama. All glories, all glories to the divine Rasa Dance, which is the most beautiful of all Radha and Krsna’s pastimes.


from Sarasvati Dreams, released July 29, 2014


all rights reserved



Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Oregon

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda are Oregon based musical artists in the genre of mantra music. They offer kirtan, healing mantra music and Kirtronica (kirtan and electronica fusion). In just over 6 years together, they have released 11 albums independently and on Sounds True and Spirit Voyage. They tour nationally and internationally holding their own events and retreats. ... more


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